Cybergenica’s marketing process begins with analysis and research to ensure all parties agrees on the goal your business or ministry is trying to reach.

Most projects begin with a consulting sessions, either by phone, through Skype or in person to help us:

  • Understand your market and examine your competitors involvement with online marketing
  • Define your target audience and identify the best ways to attract them to your web site
  • Determine the strategy needed to position your web site above the competition

Once we have gathered the necessary information, and produced our analysis, we then document our strategy and outline our plan for a phased implementation that suits your goals, budget, and utilizes available resources.

In the event you have your own web development and/or multimedia authoring team, we will closely work with members of your team to establish which pieces of the marketing plan should be handled in-house, and which elements require assistance from Cybergenica and/or our sister web development and multimedia authoring company, Glorious Media Group.

A Proven Process That Produces Measurable Results: Analyze. Execute. Evolve.

After we develop a marketing strategy customized to suit your needs according to available budget and resources, we’ll execute this strategy – setting priorities, monitoring results in real-time, and provide a detailed work log to keep you informed of the steps taken as well as how your budget and resources are being utilized.

At Cybergenica, we believe your business or ministry’s marketing should evolve along with your goals and needs. Because of this, we are constantly involved in conferences, seminars and training programs to ensure we remain at the forefront of technology. The information we gather from our ongoing training is then applied to your marketing endeavors.

Change The Way You Do Business Online – Request a Consultation

For information, email or call our customer hotline at 727.674.5681 from 8:00am-6:00pm EST.