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Since 1995 Cybergenica has been a driving force behind more than 1,200 websites for clients in the United-States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Our web production and internet marketing expertise is now available to you through resources found in this section of our website. We invite you to use and share the resources herein and when possible, forward feedback, questions or comments via our contact page.

Free Internet Marketing White Papers


RIPE The blogging Guide that Bears a Harvest.

Blogging has become one of he most popular social activities in the world. More than a cyber journal, an effective blog can be turned into a revenue generating machine. This guide features how to’s and shortcuts certain to help you maximize exposure and revenue from your blog.

RIPE, a strategic white paper by senior internet marketing consultant Daniel St.Pierre is a must read for anyone looking to capitalize from blogging.

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Internet Marketing Spying
Strategies and Techniques Used to Collect Competitors’ Internet Marketing Data.Internet Marketing Spying is exactly what it means and more. This white paper examines numerous strategies and techniques used in the collection of competitor internet marketing data to be used in your internet marketing endeavors.

Internet Marketing Spying, a strategic white paper by senior internet marketing consultant Daniel St.Pierre is a must read for anyone looking to push the internet marketing envelope past competitors.

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Twitter Community Builder Guide
A step by step guide to building a targeted audience of followers on Twitter.Twitter is a social networking tool host to millions of members worldwide, a willing permission based audience for you to capitalize on.

Twitter Community Builder Guide provides a step by step guide how to create a Twitter presence and exponentially build a network of followers to promote your products or services.

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The Harvest from Landing Pages
One of the primary goals of any website is lead generation.Your website must possess the ability to convert its visitors into leads to be used in marketing endeavors. This is where landing pages come in to play. More importantly, harvesting information is at the root of your success.

The Harvest from Landing Pages, an informative white paper by Daniel St.Pierre explains a complex internet marketing process in plain English.

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