Cybergenica FAQ’s

We have assembled the most frequently asked questions sent to us by visitors to our web site, potential and current clients. If you have a question not included herein, feel free to contact us at where we will be certain to provide you with answers in a timely fashion.

Q. What is the goal of online marketing?

A. Online Marketing is a process by which a website’s visibility is maximized through three main processes: Paid Sponsorship, Natural or Organic Search Engine Placement and Link Popularity.


Q. What is Paid Sponsorship marketing or PPC advertising?

A. Paid Sponsorship or Pay-per-Click advertising (PPC) involves placing ads on other websites and/or search engines aimed at generating targeted traffic to your website. Comparing PPC costs versus sales revenue is key in maximizing ROI through this process which often returns immediate results.


Q. How much does Paid Sponsorship or PPC cost?

A. Paid Sponsorship or Pay-per-Click advertising (PPC) are charged per visitor to your website whereas each “click” of your ad costs you as little as ten cents or in some cases, as much as ten dollars depending on your market and the number of organizations competing for traffic. Currently, the websites returning the best ROI are Yahoo and Google. Paid Sponsorship or Pay-per-Click advertising campaigns require extensive market research and ongoing as and keyword management.


Q. What is Natural or Organic Search Engine marketing also knows as SEM?

A. SEM involves optimizing websites for optimal search engine exposure and submitting websites to search engines producing an exponential traffic flow. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process proven to produce significant ROI over extended periods.


Q. What are the costs of SEM and SEO?

A. SEM is a time consuming hands-on process often charged at a rate of a few hundred dollars per webpage per year. As for SEO, since it involves both keyword relevance and technology, price vary according to the number of keywords required on each webpage. Our current rate for SEO averages ten dollars per keyword per webpage.


Q. What is Link Popularity?

A. It’s a concept by which search engines, like Google award better ranking score for websites which have more links pointing at them from other websites. Basically, the more popular your website is among other websites, the higher your ranking will be on Google. This is called link popularity and it’s a critical aspect of any website’s marketing.


Q. Why choose Cybergenica over anyone else?

A. For the simplest reasons of all: We are dedicated to your success and most importantly, we are purpose driven. While other companies concern themselves with profit, we concentrate on our mission. Our code of ethics stretches far beyond our competitors making Cybergenica a worldwide leader in high impact internet marketing. Most importantly, Cybergenica will save you money. While hiring a salaried in-house SEO expert may cost you 35K annually, outsourcing your SEO to Cybergenica will cost a fraction of that amount.


Q. What is the process in creating a consulting agreement with Cybergenica?

A. During you first phone call or following an email request, a Cybergenica representative visits your website and renders a decision based on the impact we anticipate our savvy will produce for you. Following a favorable decision, we explain the emphasis of our involvement, draft a contract agreement then move forward with a consulting schedule spread over three, six or twelve months.


Q. What guarantees do you provide?

A. We provide no guarantees whatsoever other than the fact we will apply all our knowledge to work for you. All our proven concepts are explained so you not only understand each critical step but are allowed to participate in any implementation and/or testing. We are able to make one statement which doubles as our guarantee: In all cases our work has shows positive results to various degrees and, should we get involved in a consulting agreement with you, we are confident we will produce similar results for you.


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